If you are a woman with prolapse, the thought of exercise can be daunting. There are a lot of women who have stopped exercising after being diagnosed with prolapse, and it is our mission to reduce the fear of exercise and show you that women with prolapse CAN exercise....

Should you engage your pelvic floor all day? NO

Should you hold in your core all day?? NO

Here are some great tips on how and when to use your deep core muscles during daily activities and during exercise. 

“Help – I’ve been told not to exercise by my doctor and now my weight is out of control!”

We hear it from you all the time...keep reading : )

  • Have you been diagnosed with pelvic organ prolapse?

  • Were you told not to exercise or at least not too strenuously?

  • ...

Good for you for finding a way to exercise with prolapse!  We know how this diagnosis can have a huge impact on your lifestyle and emotional well-being.  Regular exercise has a positive impact on both.  But we want to make sure you are doing it safely which also means...

Let me preface by saying I am in no way trivializing or minimizing what a diagnosis of pelvic organ prolapse (POP) can mean to a woman both physically and emotionally. 

There are primarily two emotions I hear most when I work with clients and meet women who have POP and...

We all know how stressful coughing can be to the pelvic floor and pelvic organs, let alone the mental stress of knowing what’s happening ‘down there’ and feeling helpless in protecting against it. At Made for Women Workouts, we want to reduce that stress both physicall...

Wendy is an active woman in her late 60’s who is enjoying retirement with her equally active husband.  She is used to walking to and from the stores nearby to buy their groceries etc, as well as attending weekly yoga and fitness classes and loves to work in their garde...

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