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Workout Bundle Videos

Workout bundle

Finally, a workout series that is designed specifically to be prolapse and pelvic floor friendly while giving you a full body workout.


Our bundle contains a Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced video. Each will allow you to progress at your own pace, gaining strength, muscle tone and improved posture while also strengthening your core and pelvic floor.


Your Workout Bundle includes access to all three workouts at a reduced price of $34.99 CAD! (Regularly $41.97 CAD when bought separately)

FREE BONUS: You`ll also get the Foundations Series  which includes Core Foundations video and Movement Foundations video at no additional cost! Help your pelvic organs stay supported when exercising by learning everything you need to know about your core in these two essential videos. A must for anyone with pelvic floor dysfunction and pelvic organ prolapse! (Value of $7.99 CAD)

TOTAL SAVINGS of $14.99!

$34.99 CAD

Please note that the workout videos are online digital products that you can view or download after purchasing. 

To purchase:

1. Click 'Buy Now!' button above

2. You will be directed to Vimeo, click 'Buy All'

3. Vimeo will ask you to log in or create a free account to log in, and then you will be taken to checkout

4. Enter payment information and coupon code if applicable

5. Once payment is accepted, click 'Watch Now' if you would like to view immediately or 'Download' if you would like to save for later

What Others are Saying: 

"I LOVED the first exercise you did on the floor....I never thought of doing that before and I loved how it spoke to all my muscles. I also engage my pelvic floor much better when I'm lying down so I really felt a great connection there as well."


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