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The Foundations Series contains two vital training videos: Core Foundations and Movement Foundations.

Core Foundations

Retraining the inner core system is the most important aspect in rehabilitating pelvic floor dysfunction. In this introductory video, Munira and Elisabeth teach you how to locate your inner core muscles and learn the Foundation Breath.  This is the first step towards working out with prolapse!

Movement Foundations

Building on concepts learned in Core Foundations, this next essential video teaches you how to incorporate Foundation Breathing during key exercises performed in the workout series.


Once you have mastered the art of activating your inner core with our Foundations Series, you're 

ready to work out!

Both Core Foundations and Movement Foundations are available as a special bonus when you buy the Bundle Workout

$7.99 CAD

What Others are Saying: 

"I feel the Foundation Series videos give the user the confidence to do a workout and being able to watch along is just what is needed. I thought they were very concise." 



"I really liked the Foundation Series. I think that is so necessary if one is to be able to get the most out of the workout." 


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