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Wendy - A client story

Wendy is an active woman in her late 60’s who is enjoying retirement with her equally active husband.  She is used to walking to and from the stores nearby to buy their groceries etc, as well as attending weekly yoga and fitness classes and loves to work in their garden.  It was while she was gardening that she suddenly felt something not right.  Her doctor diagnosed her with Pelvic Organ Prolapse and sent her to see a pelvic health physiotherapist who helped her strengthen her pelvic floor and learn some hypopressives which help to lift the prolapse.


Fast forward a few months and they had done all the work they could do and the physiotherapist sent her our way to learn more about what she can do for exercise etc as it was very important to her to maintain an active lifestyle in a way that was prolapse safe.  She also wanted to know the very common questions like: can I still go to my yoga class?  And is there something I shouldn’t be doing there?  What is safe and what isn’t?


We worked through the moves she struggled with and came up with modifications that worked for her.  We also spent a lot of time helping coordinate the breath and pelvic floor contractions during exercise.  She could do each of them separately but could not bring it all together as is necessary to exercise safely with prolapse.  Once she had a full grasp of the Foundation Breath and our movement foundations, I moved her through various exercises, strengthened her body and her confidence in helping her understand that she can in fact exercise in a way that is prolapse friendly.


We also worked on various daily tasks such as getting heavy pots out of the bottom drawer and standing up from lying on the couch reading a book.  


Wendy is someone who calls me when she needs me, so as much as I miss her, I am glad I haven’t heard from her :)  It means she is managing well.  She even tried out our new workouts for us and gave us great feedback plus some pretty awesome reviews.


It’s clients like Wendy that get me flying out of bed in the morning, and loving my job.


By the way, we have a video of one of the yoga modifications we gave her.  It helps make the Sun Salutation I prolapse safe.  Just sign up below for our newsletter to get it emailed to you!  Enjoy :)



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