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Summer Days and Exercise – Don’t be too hard on yourself (and some tips)

It is really hard to stick with ay regular routine in the summer, especially if you have children.  And it doesn’t matter what age they are.  If they are younger, they are constantly underfoot and in need of entertainment.  If they are older they have to be shuttled to summer jobs or they if they are anywhere in between they are adorning your furniture, lying around with some device in front of them and eating…constantly eating…  You might have guests visiting, or perhaps you have a cottage you travel to (if you are so lucky).  There are any number of reasons why we get taken away from our regular routine and in my experience as a personal trainer I can tell you that the first thing to go is usually the exercise program.


I get it.  So stop beating yourself up about it.  You are likely (hopefully) being more active in other ways; ie taking your kids to the zoo or swimming or any number of other fun summer activities.  And all that counts.  And for those of you who live in this hemisphere, the summer doesn’t go on forever (unfortunately).  Come September and once the kiddies are back at school you can get back to undoing any lingering summer “consequences”.


However, there are couple of little things you can easily incorporate into your day (if you want) that can make the recovery process a little shorter and less painful:

  • Add a few steps to your day here and there

  • Go for a family bike ride - fun times!

  • Get in the pool with your kids and swim some laps while you are there.  Excellent exercise, great calorie burn and nice and supportive for prolapse (just remember to breathe!)

  • Check out some “do yoga anywhere” videos on YouTube, even if it’s only for 10 mins.

  • And while you are there….take a look at some of the free prolapse safe exercise videos we have made for you.  They are only 10-15 mins long

  • Watch your consumption of hidden calories in juices, fruit drinks, etc.  These nice and refreshing summer drinks pack a significant amount of calories and sugar.

  • And while I am on drinks…summer is a social time with extra alcoholic drinks.  Try and limit number and how often.

So, enjoy your summer and we will see you again in the fall when you are ready to get back into a routine.





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