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Pelvic Organ Prolapse and Weight Loss – 5 tips to get you to your healthy weight starting today

“Help – I’ve been told not to exercise by my doctor and now my weight is out of control!”


We hear it from you all the time...keep reading : )


  • Have you been diagnosed with pelvic organ prolapse?

  • Were you told not to exercise or at least not too strenuously?

  • Have you gained weight because of the diagnosis?

  • At a loss for what to do to achieve and maintain a healthy weight?

If you answered yes to even one of the above questions – we can help!  And you are not alone. 



It is important to understand what is behind weight gain and weight loss.  In a simple world, it’s about calories in vs calories out.  At the end of each day we need to have expended more calories than we took in.  This equals weight loss.  Let me introduce some numbers to you so you can see how it works better.  Most of us know that losing 1-2 pounds a week is a healthy way to lose weight.  Here’s how that works:  You need to burn an extra 3500 calories to lose a pound of fat.  If we eliminate 500 calories/day for 7 days, we will lose 1 lb.  Get it?  This is true no matter why you are gaining or why you want to lose weight.


Exercise helps with weight loss in two ways:

  1. We burn extra calories so we can more easily create the deficit.  I.e.: if you burn 300 calories exercising then you only need to reduce your calorie intake by 200 to create a deficit at the end of the day.  That doesn’t feel as invasive as reducing your intake by 500 cals.

  2. Strength training helps build lean muscle which burns more calories all day (and night) than fat tissue does.


If you have been following us for a while, you will know that

you can exercise with prolapse



5 ways to start losing weight today even if you can’t exercise:

  1. Reduce stress:  Weight gain can be related to stress and lack of sleep.  Try various forms of stress relief like gentle yoga, meditation, reading, time with loved ones or whatever helps you reduce stress. 

  2. Work with an N.D. or Nutritionist:  It is important to reduce inflammations in your body due to hormonal changes, food intolerances etc.  Consulting with a Naturopathic Doctor or Nutritionist is highly recommended to resolve or eliminate these problems.

  3. Follow the 80/20 rule.  Eat well and healthy 80% of the time and don’t worry about it 20% of the time.  Focus on having lean protein and lots of veggies at every meal and minimize the empty carbs

  4. Avoid liquid calories.  And yes, I am talking about your fancy Starbucks habit, juices, pop and alcohol.  All these are packed with calories and we tend to forget that we have had them….so we repeat.  If you like your morning coffee, skip the sugar.  Sugary pop is a no, period.

  5. Move your body: Incorporate prolapse safe exercise into your daily and weekly routine.  We have some great options for you ranging from our very inexpensive exercise video bundle and our FREE YouTube videos which have several smaller workouts in them to get you started.


These are basic tips that you can start incorporating right now – today!  Just do it.  Especially 3,4 & 5.  We will be following up with more nutrition information, but mostly we are really passionate about helping you move more in a safe way.  More of that to come too!


Stay healthy and keep moving!





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