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Taking Care of Yourself this Holiday Season


Okay. Let’s look into the future a little…. it’s four weeks from today, the week before Christmas. You’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the perfect gifts for all of your dear loved ones. You’ve bought them, wrapped them all up with pretty little bows and found the perfect place to stash them away until the big day.


In between all the Christmas shopping, attending holiday parties (three to be exact and still two more to go) you realize that your own guests are set to arrive within the next couple of days and you still have so much to do! Any spare minute goes to meal planning, food preparation, cleaning the mess your lovely family has left around, and getting everything in order before everyone starts to trickle in from out of town.


In the midst of the Christmas chaos, you’ve managed to find 15 precious minutes of time to rest your tired self at the kitchen table with your favourite cup of coffee and cell phone. Scrolling through social media feeds, your thumb stops on one post in particular: a selfie of your closest friend breaking a sweat, after a killer workout at the gym. You think to yourself “How does she do it?? I don’t even have time to take a shower, let alone workout at the gym!”


You’re absolutely right. Finding time to exercise during the busiest time of the year feels next to impossible. And while some may make fitting in a holiday workout look easy, that is definitely not your experience! Working out always seems to be bumped lower and lower on your list even when you want to exercise.


We’re here to let you know that there is no need to be hard on yourself this season and there are ways to sneak in smaller bouts of daily prolapse-friendly fitness throughout the holidays. How about spending 5-10 minutes doing a few exercises at home every day instead of trying to find an hour to workout at the gym which may not be realistic for you at this point.



We’ve made these short prolapse-friendly exercise videos exactly for this reason!


                Core: Prolapse-friendly planks (Beginner)

                          Prolapse-friendly planks (Advanced)


                Upper Body and Core: Prolapse-friendly Push-ups


                Upper Body: Sexy-arms workout


                Cardio: Prolapse-friendly Cardio workout


                Lower Body: Prolapse-friendly Glute Workout


Pick one or two of the workouts above and get it done before you start your busy day.  At least this way you won’t be faced with regret for not exercising until the New Year and you’ll feel great about taking care of yourself, even in the busiest of times. Now that’s an accomplishment!


There are plenty of options for you to stay active over the next four weeks. We’re here to say that you can have your cake and eat it too.

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