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How to Deadlift with POP





Have you ever done a deadlift before?  Sound too advanced?  Sound like something a huge sweaty guy does at the gym but isn’t good for you especially since you have POP?


I am here to tell you - deadlifts are for everyone! And they are a great way to work the lower body since they are safe for those of us with POP.  Too advanced you say?  Let me ask you this; how do you pick up anything that on the floor?  You bend over and pick it up - that’s a deadlift! 


Are you convinced yet?  Great, so let me tell you a little more about the benefits of the deadlift for women with pelvic organ prolapse.  As you know, when we are standing or squatting, it can feel like gravity is working against us.  You might find that standing exercises make your POP worse or more symptomatic, or that squatting increases pelvic heaviness. So if standing upright and squatting aren’t feeling very comfortable on any given day, how do you work your legs then?  Or build a nice butt, or build your low back so you can carry your kids/grandkids, groceries or suitcase off the plane from Hawaii??  Ok, now I have your interest. 


When we deadlift we are tipping our pelvis forward into an anterior tilt which helps  ‘cradle’ our pelvic organs within our pelvis.  It is honestly one of the best positions for us to work in.  Now add some weight and appropriate breathing strategies and you have just added several excellent exercises to your library.


You can do: 

  • Single leg deadlifts (SLDLs)

  • Straight leg DLs

  • Romanian DLs

  • All of the above with weight (when ready)

  • All of the above on unstable surface, with bands, with your eyes closed…


The possibilities are almost endless!


As a personal trainer I would be negligent if I didn’t also tell you a little bit about why deadlifts are so good for you, other than the above benefit.  Because the majority of us sit most of our days, our entire posterior chain (aka our back muscles, glutes, and hamstrings) becomes overstretched and weak.  The deadlift targets all of these muscles.  These are muscles we need every single day in basic daily movements like walking up stairs, picking things (or kids) up, pushing a stroller and so much more.


Check out this video where I walk you through how to do some of these with proper form and let me know which one you will start including in your workout routine:








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