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What to do if your prolapse feels worse after exercise


Good for you for finding a way to exercise with prolapse!  We know how this diagnosis can have a huge impact on your lifestyle and emotional well-being.  Regular exercise has a positive impact on both.  But we want to make sure you are doing it safely which also means having a good recovery in between your workouts. 


It’s important to not overdo things so you don't feel symptomatic the next day or after your workout.  However, if you do feel symptomatic, make sure you look at the whole picture.  Is it possible that there is another reason the symptoms worsened?  You have worked so hard to exercise safely and to be healthy.  Don’t just eliminate it because of a bad day.  Look at the whole picture. 


Regardless of the reason, here are some things you can do to improve the situation so you can get back to life and exercise:


  • Take an extra day off if you feel that is necessary 

  • Try to incorporate some pelvic rest during the day (several times if necessary).  You can read more about how here.

  • Remember to use proper breathing when exercising or when doing strenuous work such as house work and carrying kids around.  Here is a good video on how to do that.  Also use this when doing anything strenuous such as picking up a heavy laundry basket, groceries, a car seat, a child etc.

  • Always pay attention to the things that make you more symptomatic.  Is there a particular exercise that doesn’t feel as good as others?  If so, eliminate it, at least for now.  If you are working out to one of our videos and there is a sequence you find too challenging, just repeat the one we did before that and work your way up to adding it back to your workout.

  • Go and see a pelvic floor physiotherapist and have her assess if you are bearing down and creating intra abdominal pressure during your breathing or when performing certain exercises.  She can teach you how to reverse that too.


Lastly – always listen to your body.  Regardless of whether you have prolapse or not, there are days we just don’t feel so good.  Don’t be too hard on yourself.  Take the rest your body needs and then get back to it when ready.


Any questions?  Comments?  We love to hear from you!


Stay active!


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